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add somystro

29 September
  j a b e z M A T T

Hello there. My name is Brian, a fifteen-year-old guy from the small town Eagle Pass in the state of Texas. Haha. I play the flute, write poetry, eat food, breathe polutted air, and drink dirty water. And that's pretty much me. I keep few friends, but make plenty of them, and hang on to things much longer than I am supposed to. I am not shy, unless it comes to asking something personal of somebody, then I have a tough time. It's hard for me to get to know people I like, but very easy for people to get to know me. I'm open, but can be somewhat closed. Interested? Visit my journal, comment, and be added.

+ Hey, if you need someone to talk to, just comment on an entry and I'll get back to you.